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The path of alchemy offers time for transformation. It's not a single path, but sessions giving time for you and what you need. The path is yours, the expectation is simply that you want to feel different after the sessions than before the sessions. 

So what is a session? 

During a session we work with your intention, may that be to heal a trauma, to connect to playfulness, pleasure, pain or your truth, to be held, to meet darker parts of yourself and bring them out of the shadows, to find to you more authentic ways to relate to others, to let go of control, to connect to your body, open your heart or to let go of shame. This is just a very few intentions, your intention can be exactly this, or something completely different. There is no set plan or way the sessions happen, the main tools being used are loving presence, impulses, and intuition - we trust the flow in the session to lead us right. 

What are other tools being used?

Common tools are, amongst others, a mix between somatic therapy, energy work, shadow work, coaching, dearmouring, play, meditation, massage, body work, gazing and hypnotic tools such as aspecting. 

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