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I started my path with art, and have been on a beautiful journey in expressing emotions through my body in movements and flow. Since late childhood I've had clarity about my emotions and inner processes, but 2020 was the year I stumbled upon tantric ways of relating to myself, people around me, and life. Now I live my life in alignment with tantra, spirituality, pleasure, kink, conscious relating, ethical non-monogamy, psycadelic traveling, and play.

I am a trained and qualified tantra therapist, having fulfilled Lin Holmquist's outstanding dakini trainingand since then been a part of the assistant team. I have taken shibari training from Molly Lindau; and facilitated workshops and play spaces within the realm of tantra, kink, ethical non-monogamy, psycadelics, and embodied movement. 

I offer different kinds of 1-2-1 sessions, couple or poly sessions and workshops. 

Jasmine Lilith



Jasmine Lilith

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