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During a tantra therapy session, we work with your intention for change. We often carry with us wounds, programming or habits that don't serve as anymore. During a therapy session we will choose paths to heal and to let go of these, and instead allow space for our full potential.

Time for conversation at the start and end, tea and integration time will always be part of the session.


Therapy sessions are two hours or more, or a whole day (eight hours in total). Couples are also welcome, as well as other relationship constellations. 


A tantra massage has its emphasis on presence in the body, emotions, energies and connection. It's often, but not always, a full body massage during which we allow energies to build up and move freely in the body, allowing kundalini energy to flow. It can be both very relaxing, energising, or both and beyond. There is no set script or prepared techniques for how the massage will be given, but it's created in the moment once we've landed together, feel connected and safe. We can focus on relaxation, on pleasure, on releasing tension or blockages in the body, connecting and getting to know your body, or on another intention you might have. 

Time for conversation at the start and end, tea and integration time will always be part of the session.

Tantra massages are two hours or more, and can also be booked by couples/other relationship constellations. During sessions involving more than one person three hours or more are required, as we will be two or more massaging one person at a time.

Knutet rep


During a shibari session, the ropes are used for the path towards letting go and surrender. There are many reasons why people choose to explore the realm of ropes. While letting go of control is usually the main longing, being held, surrendering into the arms of another person, going into a state of meditative rest and relaxation, exploring pain or power dynamics, or simply enjoying pleasure or fun, are all equally beautiful shades of the shibari palette, and yet just a few of them. The intention you come with is what we will work from. 


Is the way you relate to people around you not within the monogamous norm? The journey to find our way of relating can be as beautiful as it can be challenging, and once we've found the shape of our heart it's not always obvious how to make life function in alignment with it. 

During coaching sessions we sit together and focus on finding clarity in emotions, life puzzles, thoughts and solutions.

The sessions can be either in person or virtual, and they can be booked by either one individual or several realting persons.

Vänner i naturen

Sessions can be booked individually, or are offered in packages of three, five or ten. For information on cancelation policy, click here.

For package prices and instructions, click here.

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